Hiring A Wedding Photographer

You may be astonished at the amount of money that you invest in your wedding day.

You are careful about the colours and dye lots of palates of colours, and you may be surprised that you spend as much time as you do to choose the right food and the right music.

You want your wedding to be special, memorable, and emotionally uplifting. You want your wedding to invoke the personality of you and (of course), your spouse. You want to, in a sense, bottle up all of the love that you have and to spill it upon everybody on your wedding day as an expression of happiness, peace, and good cheer.

As we have seen through the weddings of celebrities and wedding planners, achieving this is quite attainable, with the right kind of budget, and resources, however, all of it would be in jest, if it wasn’t for the correct wedding photographer who can show it to the world.

A wedding photographer will chronicle, edit, and archive your wedding day story, and while you may aspire to create a grand scale wedding day portrait, or at the very least the wedding day journal, a wedding photographer’s work will remain in your family for generations.

Here are a few items to consider when hiring a wedding photographer.

  1. First know, that you get what you pay for. A wedding photographer is limited to book 52 weekends during the year. Usually they are solo talents (with perhaps one or two assistants), and if they only shoot weddings, their business is somewhat limited to scale. A great wedding photographer will booked for many months or even years, and every year as they become better and more efficient at their abilities, they raise their prices. A wedding photographer who has worked many years will instinctively know the right shots of the wedding day, and because of this they are free to focus their efforts on creatively viewing and photographing your wedding resulting in a larger selection of better photos for you to choose from.

  2. Don’t forgo a wedding photographer and depend on your friends to take pictures. Your friends and family are happy to be at your wedding. They have been looking forward to this day almost as much as you have and please let them have fun without the worry of documenting every moment of the wedding. In today’s era of selfies, and smart phones, it may seem like a no-brainer for you to save money and just have your friends take photos, however, I guarantee you will be disappointed. Your friend will miss all the great moments of your wedding. You may get mad at your friend for realizing that the details that you painstakingly agonized over, paid for, and planned upon, are now forgotten forever. Also, for the sake of your friend, please don’t expect them to “work at”, and therefore miss the happiness of your wedding day. Being a wedding photographer is more difficult that you can expect.

  3. It is your responsibility to pay for the travel and food for your wedding photographer. You wedding photographer and their assistants will need to have all travel and hotel paid for if you are aiming for a destination wedding. Unless you discuss and have it written in the contract, the wedding photographer will work only on the day of the wedding, no other days. You may not need to pay the $100+ reception dinner at the country club, but you should have some kind of plan for your wedding photographer and their assistants.

  4. A great wedding photographer may not be nice. A wedding photographer is a professional who is being hired, and their job is primarily to create compelling photos. On the day of the wedding, they may need to move people into place, yell at bystanders, fight other wedding parties for the right location and do it in a rushed way as to not lose the natural lighting, and while these tactics may seem out of step with the rest of the joyous occasion of the wedding day, these exact tactics will achieve great photos.


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