The Covid Wedding

I have to say, I am not much for participating in New Year’s celebrations. I like staying at home, and usually I am exhausted from the previous Christmas festivities, I completely miss the ringing in of the New Year and opt to take part in a restful sleep. This last 2020 year was different. I decided to watch the televised famous Time’s Square ball drop. There was a time when I used to spend New Year’s Eve in NYC with my young kids and we all loved the excitement and the fun of the atmosphere, the people, the hundreds of blockades and negotiating with police to get through, and prior to last year, I had never watched the tv version of this event. The one thing that I realized from my sweatpants and on my sofa was the idea of 2020. 2020 has often been associated with the clarity of vision. When one has 20/20 vision it means that the vision is perfect. There is crisp sharpness to their view of the world. This 2020 year and vision was supposed to usher in The Truth or The Transformation toward The Truth, and somehow I feel defied knowing that all we got was Covid, and if I am going to further deconstruct this, I fear going into a rabbit hole of negativity, which is not the essence of this blog post.

The essence of this blog post is weddings and 2020, and how it created confusion regarding relationships in general. All relationships have been challenged. Relationships within families and siblings, co-workers, and friends, and despite this disorientation there has been a re-establishment of romantic relationships that have thus turned into The Covid Engaged couple. I personally suspect that perhaps the pause of busy-ness through isolation, has led to co-quarantined coupling, and that has thus turned into, shall I dare say… Love.

I remember reading that co-quarantined coupling resulted in Kate Moss and Johnny Depp having a long-standing relationship. They spent 4 days in a hotel suite together during a vicious storm and eventually left the hotel in love.

In my own positive view of the world I would like to state, that while 2020 has led to changed dynamics within relationships, these changed dynamics can have positive outcomes. An example is that the search for love, which may be within perfect reach and view, and this 20/20 vision brings clarity and love to an existing relationship that may have been overlooked before.

At the date of this blog post, we are unaware as to how long social distancing will be in effect, and I know that many people in love are wondering how to take the next step towards preparing a Covid wedding. Here are some suggestions.

1. The Covid Wedding. Suggestion #1 The Elopement.

If there is anything that we learned about Covid, 2020, and the real ness of the world, is that regardless of the wedding, it is the marriage that is of primary importance. Falling into the ecstasy of love may result in the urgings of an immediate wedding, and if this is the case, eloping may be the only choice. Couples can elope and opt for a larger celebration later. The elopement can be a symbol or benchmark to remember the year 2020 and its challenges.

2. The Covid Wedding. Suggestion #2 The Video Conference Wedding.

Send out pretty digital invites to all your friends and family, conduct your own video wedding via ZOOM. Wear a charmeuse sheath and a cute mask and invite an officiate to any location whether it being a downtown city landmark, a park (with wifi), a quaint and private chapel, or even your living room. Create the performance of the wedding for all to see and partake in a celebratory glass of champagne after.

3. The Covid Wedding. Suggestion #3 The Very Small Ceremony.

Invite your immediate family and a few friends. Provide masks and celebrate your wedding in a home with a beautiful dinner.

At the end, the most important thing to remember is to CELEBRATE. You may not be able to celebrate immediately but look toward the future and plan for a larger gathering with your friends and family. Covid has taken a lot of joy out of our lives, and it is important to look forward to happiness, to jubilation, and to celebration with the people you love. These post-Covid wedding ceremonies will be the most sought after, and most memorable, of events we will experience in our lifetime. Our whole civilization has been suffering in isolation, and we yearn for entertainment in the form of amusing interaction with others. We want to have fun. We want to dress up, dance and drink with friends, and your wedding guests will not only make an effort, but will be counting the days, minutes, and seconds until your wedding celebration.


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