The First Steps to Selecting a Wedding Dress

Now that you’re engaged, I know that you are scrambling and thinking of what are you going to wear. Maybe you are looking forward to the ultimate ME-CENTERED event of the wedding dress appointment, or you may be dreading the circus and wishing to wear the simplest equivalent of a jeans and a t-shirt ensemble.

Considering the many options of possible ideas, its best to follow a few steps to make the experience fun, eventful, and drama free, all the while choosing the correct dress for your unique and beautiful wedding.

  1. First consider the kind of wedding you will want to have. Please, make a budget, and of course find ways of hacking excessive costs, but buying a wedding dress should be one of the first things that you do in determining the kind of wedding you may want. Match the style and silhouette of the dress to the amount of people that you intend to invite to the wedding. Match the “feeling” or the “theme” of the wedding, whether that theme is a destination wedding, a country club wedding, or a garden wedding. The wedding dress should emulate the intrinsic feeling of the wedding event.

  2. Purchase the dress that you love. I see so many brides who settle for second best for their wedding dress. I have even seen brides who are so hellbent and in love with a particular wedding dress that they tried on, but for some reason they do not purchase that particular dress, they even try to have that dress copied by a seamstress. BUYER BEWARE – taking this route will ALWAYS cause strife and pain. Pay the extra bit of money, and buy the dress that will be immortalized by you and your family for decades after.

  3. Decide upon the retailer you would like to support. Find a retailer that carries the designers that you like. They should have a pleasingly beautiful website, and a favourable disposition customer service directive with you, your family, and friends during the appointment. You will be having this relationship with this retailer from your engagement up until your wedding, and you want to be comfortable discussing issues like your body, your bridesmaids, your budget etc.

  4. Scour the internet for ideas. Create a file for all of your Pinterest photos of dresses that you like. Find the neck lines, the fabrics, the dress shapes, and the details. Try to figure out the feeling behind the wedding dress that you want to wear. Decide if you are a lace bride, or a Swarovski bride, or both. Decide (not definitively, until your appointment) if you would like a veil. If so, how long of a veil. Then there is colour…. Ivory, White, Blush? Social media is a great way to see a multitude of various dresses and wedding dress ideas. Make sure you bring your file to your wedding dress appointment so communication is easy.

  5. Review your wardrobe. Look through your wardrobe and see all of the necklines and silhouettes that make you feel great. Does strapless make sense to you? Or do you prefer a low V neck? What do people compliment you on most. Your current wardrobe provides you a clue as to what will be a flattering wedding dress for your body shape.


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