Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

One of the things that this year 2020 has taught us is that LOVE WILL ENDURE, and as much as people learn to cope with others in closed circumstances, there are little bits of light that shines through and reveals to the world that regardless of whatever is happening, Love is most important. Commitment will still continue, and weddings and families in their mystical bond will prove to not only be important, but the intrinsic foundation of our world and society. This new world will reveal to us that while other relationships are suspended forever or just paused, our innate humanity transposes ourselves to find love in a deeper way.

We have seen this in the quantity of engagements that have occurred during the late portion of 2020, and of course, every bride looks forward to that day with its marvel and glory.

The most symbolic and anticipated item of the wedding day is the wedding dress, and while the wedding dress has seen (especially recently), the rapid turnover of micro transitional trends, this blogpost will remove the superficial superlatives and boil down to the basics of the true shifts for wedding dresses in 2021.

Wedding Dress Trend #1:

As life becomes more simpler, we will embrace the simpler dress. The dress that focuses upon the architecture and engineering of the fabric enclosing the body. There will be less embellishments and the beauty of the bride will be accented and revealed. It is important to note that a simpler dress may not necessarily be a cheaper dress. These well-cut dresses often take more effort to design and make, than the dresses that pile cheap lace on a flimsy base with a glue gun. A Great Simple Gown is the epitome of poise and self-assurance.

Wedding Dress Trend #2:

There is a reoccurring joy in the ball gown. Strong A lines with contained trains will glide through reception venues and frame the beauty of the bride. These strong angles will eventually soften into deliberate gentle curves. Brides will accent these gowns with jeweled pointy kitten heel or flats and will move confidently with their hands in their pockets.

Wedding Dress Trend #3:

Another architectural trend is the focus of the hip, and a celebration of the mermaid dresses. This leads to a revolutionary introduction of stretch fabrics and unusual traditional wedding dress materials. Disruptive elements and methods will also be secretly developed by sewing artisans from various couture houses, and while a dress may seem familiar, it is fresh and innovative in design and construction.

Wedding Dress Trend #4:

There is also an emerging interest in the shoulder, and dresses are being featured with the off the shoulder details. Whether it is chiffon draped to the elbows or a low cap at the upper arm, the silhouette now includes this flattering inverted white V from shoulders to waist.

Wedding Dress Trend #5:

The charmeuse sheath will be very important in the upcoming season. It is a dress that is sexier when it is fitted loosely and carefully. It is a dress that through the genius of bias, floats effortlessly over every nuance of the body. It blends beautifully with the Covid, “20 person” wedding. It is the no nonsense “pack your bags for a destination” wedding dress. Few alterations and fewer fuss.

When this “grab and go” wedding dress works, the effect is heavenly, glorious, and magnificent all rolled into one. The bride will appear to have been the inspiration of every poet and lover that ever lived.

Just remember earlier this year Jennifer Aniston in the white charmeuse gown that captivated her ex, (and the rest of the world), to the point he couldn’t let go of her hand. This is what every bride wants. The night to never end, the feeling of love that won’t go away, the vision of perfection that is letter pressed into the memories of our mind forever.


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