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Justina McCaffery has over two decades of experience as a successful entrepreneur and wedding dress designer in Ottawa. She is a long time volunteer and party activist. Her dedication to her community and involvement in the party has led her to seek the Conservative Party nomination in the federal riding, Kanata-Carleton.  

As a member of the community for many years now. I have seen the jobs and opportunities develop when there is good government. I have also seen what happens when our prosperity is squandered, like now under the Liberals.

Almost three years ago, the Liberals succeeded in Kanata-Carleton. A lot has changed since; Canadians now more than ever know the problems with our prime minister and why it’s time for a Conservative government.

Kanata-Carleton is a hub of tech innovation, but it needs the right kind of political leadership to ensure that it can attract investment and entrepreneurs. The Liberals are jeopardizing growth to fuel their spending spree. They have hiked small business taxes, which will make it difficult for entrepreneurs to maintain and grow their businesses. 

I want to fight for a low tax and competitive business environment that will attract investment and lead to growth an innovation.

Not only are the Liberals jeopardizing our prosperity, they are imposing their ideology on Canadian charities with their Canada Summer Jobs attestation. Forcing groups to either compromise their beliefs or suffer the loss of government assistance in the services that these charities provide to our community. 

The Liberals are targeting the freedom of many Canadians in both their personal lives and business endeavours. 

I want to be a voice for the farmers in Kanata Carleton who found out earlier this year that the Liberals will allow Service Canada officers trespass on their property – even if they are not home - to conduct a wide-ranging unannounced inspection. The Liberal honeymoon is over, I am here to win