The Anna Dress known for its deeply drop waist and delicately draped silk peau de soie skirt. The silk peau de soie was created for me by an Indian mill that is no longer in business. I tirelessly collected swatches of silk and tested every one by making sample dresses to make sure that the fabric was going to be compatible. In most cases designers design small versions of their gowns on 3/4 sized dress forms. (They actually look like little dolls). They do this in order to save fabric and get the pattern right so the pattern could be adapted to a full size body shape. - - - I don't do this. I could never get a good enough "read" of the fabric when I tried. At the very most, I design through dozens of muslins per each dress. Each muslin inching its way closer to the end result of the gown. However sometimes muslins don't work, and the Very Ultimate Best result is draping with the original fabric - and in my case, that means draping in SILK, which is INSANELY EXPENSIVE. It is expensive but saves time patternmaking and making multiple muslins.