The Kate Dress

MY Kate dress was designed in 2002 and it was strongly selling in retail stores for the next 5 years. Later in 2008 I began spending time with @GailAsper who led the building of @HumanRights.ca. I was invited to a number of meetings and this photo was given to me. It was the official launch of the initial renderings of the #CanadianHumanRightsMuseum, by #architect @antoinepredock. Upon seeing it for the first time, I marveled at how closely it looked like my Kate Dress. I can't imagine Antoine Predock following my work, but I found it fascinating. If things would have worked out differently, my next creative pursuit would have been to create a classical music video with @RWBallet dancers in my dresses moving through the museum. The choreography is in my head and every step has been haunting me for years.