The Kate Dress 4

Here again is another photo of my Kate Dress with @Katehudson on the set. @AltmanFilms invited me to Dallas to help with fittings, and to watch the process. He was extremely generous with his time by showing me details of how he directs each camera and how he never misses anything. I had to provide 3 copies of this dress, because the dress needed to endure a massive thunderstorm. It was obvious that despite the fame and hype of these A-listers, they were obvious pros, and this whole day long set up of the wedding scene along with the tornado style rain storm was done in ONE and ONLY TAKE!!! I had the opportunity to bring home the two other wedding dresses that were not used during the movie.

The movie #DrTAndTheWomen also featured @RichardTiffanyGereOfficial, @MissLivaLittle, @LauraDern, @farrahfawcettfn, @HelenHunt, @TaraReid,